Hello! We are the Basilean Eagles, the best men’s society at Bob Jones University!

Welcome to our Website! We are the Basilean Eagles, one of the many societies on Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

We exist to most importantly glorify God, through weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies, and outreaches into the community of Greenville. We also play intramural sports, including soccer, basketball, and volleyball, against other societies on campus. Attention is also given to society outings to help us grow together and give members opportunities to get to know one another.

Our sister society is the Chi Theta Upsilon Gators, with whom we try to get together often and have joint meetings, outreaches, etc. We believe the more we get together, the better, so we try to organize many events with them jointly.

So if you are a student at Bob Jones University and are looking for a guys society to join, come join us!  What are you waiting for?

We are always trying to grow and we more than welcome new students to come and help us become bigger and better!